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Press Release

Michael Madore: Surge
"... Madore lived in New Haven for most of the '80s, getting an MFA in painting from Yale, and producing a body of work that was informed by some diverse interests: textual detail, fantastical other-worldly cultures, and the sinews and synapses of life forms. Madore's work throbbed with anatomical urgency and electrical currency, but was stabilized by rusty and raw backgrounds. A retrospective of Madore's art from the past 30 years is at the Phyllis Kind Gallery through Feb. 9." — Christopher Arnott

The New Haven Advocate January 30, 2003

Michael Madore's Troubling Vision
"Madore's paintings are commonly organized within geometric grids, much like the structure of medieval illuminated manuscripts he referenced in a collegiate library. The grids contain the frenzy of Madore's imaginings and control the application of his materials of choice, magic marker and enamel paint. These supplies have great significance within the sub text of the work — the markers are magic grout to the crystalline paint chosen for the import of its name — Impervo." Vibrant colors pulsate betwixt and between figure and ground, forms and symbols, bodies and monsters. — Jill Waterman

ArtsMedia(Boston's monthly guide to the visual arts) May, 2000

Mental Health Agency Assists Artists
"Madore is one of the Connecticut artists featured at the Inter-community Mental Health Group's art collection dedicated entirely to the works of those with mental illness.

The group unveiled the exhibit to the public Tuesday as part of its open house at the group's new headquarters at 281 Main St.

'Art reconnects people into the community. Madore said Tuesday. 'It helps overcome the alienation and stigma people experience." — Marie Shanahan

The Hartford Courant September 15, 1993

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