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The online version of this bibliography covers selections from the last ten years and is divided into three sections: books and catalogues; essays, periodicals and reviews; film and video. Exhibition catalogues are arranged alphabetically by author, books and catalogues are listed by date. The full version is available on request.
Books and Catalogues
1999 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press. "Looking Forward, Looking Black," group exhibition catalogue, April 30–May 24, traveled to Museum of Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; Houghton House Gallery at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
  Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York. "re/righting history: counternarratives by contemporary african-american artists", group exhibition catalogue, March 14–May 16
1998 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. A PORTRAIT OF OUR TIMES: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LOGAN COLLECTION. Foreward and acknowledgements by David A. Ross
and essay by Gary Garrels
1997 American Stories: Amidst Displacement and Transformation. Yukiya Kawaguchi et al, editors. Exhibition catalogue published for travelling exhibition "American Stories", Setagaya, Japan
  SITE Santa Fe and the University of Arizona Museum of Art. ROBERT COLESCOTT: RECENT PAINTINGS. Copyright 1997 by Miriam Roberts. Essays by Quincy Troupe, Miriam Roberts, Lowery Stokes Sims
1996 Sandler, Irving. ART OF THE POSTMODERN ERA (From the Late 1960s to the Early 1990s). Icon Editions, Harper Collins Publishers, New York
1995 Aspen Art Museum. Contemporary Drawing: Exploring the Territory. Aspen, CO
  Fineberg, Jonathan (University of Illinois). Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being. Prentice Hall, Inc., 1995, p 441–443
1993 Westheimer, Ruth Dr. The Art of Arousal. Abbeville Press, New York, 1993. pp. 60–61
1992 Bomani Gallery. Paris Connections: African-American Artists in Paris. San Francisco, CA, QED Press
1991 The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. The Art of Advocacy. Ridgefield, CT
  Denver Museum. Visions and Revisions. Denver, CO
  Momenta Art. The Reimaging of America. Philadelphia, PA
  New Langston Arts. The Difficult Image. San Francisco, CA
1990 Aforet Museum Harajuku, Japan. AMERICAN POP CULTURE TODAY III. Tokyo: Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing Company
  College of Lake County, Community Gallery of Art. The Robert H. Derden Collection: A Black Collector's Odyssey in Contemporary Art. Lake Forest, IL: College of Lake County. Foreword by Clarence D. White, essay by Victoria Lautman.
  Lippard, Lucy R. Mixed Blessings: New Art In A Multicultural America. Pantheon Books, New York
Essays, Periodicals, Reviews
Adams, Brooks "Robert Colescott at Phyllis Kind," Art in America
    July 1991
Bonetti, David "The Ironies of Robert Colescott", San Francisco Examiner
    June 4, 1999
Cameron, Dan "47th Venice Biennale," ARTFORUM, p 118–20
    September 1997
Cotter, Holland "A Taste of Zeitgeist", The New York Times
    March 16, 1997
Danto, Arthur C. "Robert Colescott at Phyllis Kind Gallery", The Nation
    May 1991
Eauclaire, Sally "One-Two Punchinello", Art News
    June 1997
Gopnick, Adam "Black Studies", The New Yorker, p 135–140
    December 5, 1994
Host, Vivian "Great Colescott", Daily Californian, re:VIEW
    June 4, 1999
Joiner, Lottie L. "Master Strokes," Emerge
    June 1997
McKenna, Kristine. "Our Man in Venice," Los Angeles Times
    June 15, 1997
Mumford, Steve. "Robert Colescott at Phyllis Kind Gallery", Review
    December 15, 1996
Saltz, Jerry. "Merry-Go-Round," Flash Art, vol. XXX, no.196, p 84–7
    October 1997
Sims, Lowery "The Mirror, The Other: The Politics of Esthetics," Artforum
    March 1990
Smith, Roberta. "Another Venice Biennale Shuffles to Life", The New York Times
    June 16, 1997
Yablonsky, Linda. "Robert Colescott", Artforum
    Summer 1993
Film and Video
"ROBERT COLESCOTT: The One Two Punch", produced by Linda Freeman
L&S Video, NY
"ROBERT COLESCOTT: An American Original", tape No. 39, Video series on contemporary art, Art/New York studio
"Pit Stop", created and written by Robert Colescott, L&S Video, NY

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