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Albert Louden

Albert Louden was born in Liverpool, England in 1945, and moved to London with his family at the end of World War II. After finishing school at age fifteen, he worked at a series of jobs until finding steady employment as a truck driver. Drawing was a hobby for Louden, something he had excelled in at school but never pursued until he decided to change his life's direction.

He subsequently devoted all of his attention to his art, drawing detailed landscapes until 1966, when his work changed. He began to look at the world in a more abstract manner, seeing overall shapes rather than minute details. The iconography of his works expanded to include figures, which have become his standard motif. He continued to experiment with abstraction, defining his figures through broad areas of color and heavy outlines.

In 1979, after hearing about the Outsiders exhibition organized by Victor Musgrave, Louden wrote to Musgrave introducing himself and his work. The two met and Musgrave became a mentor and friend. Louden lives in London's East End and supports himself entirely through the sale of his work.

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