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Rosemarie Koczÿ

Rosemarie Koczÿ was born in Germany in 1939 and witnessed the Holocaust. She studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva and completed advanced residencies in Prague and Rome. After receiving her diploma in 1965, Koczÿ began weaving tapestries, for which she would become well known. Frustrated by the limitations of the tapestry medium, she began drawing and painting in 1975.

In 1985, Jean Dubuffet selected Koczÿ's work for a solo exhibition at the opening of the Neuve Invention Annex at the Collection de l'Art brut in Lausanne. Skeletal human figures dominate Koczÿ's drawings, barely emerging from their densely hatched backgrounds, appearing almost too weak to break onto the surface. The creative process for Koczÿ is not something she controls. Rather, she records the pictorial impulses which come to her, using both hands simultaneously to draw. Koczÿ maintains dual citizenship between the United States, where she lives in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, and Switzerland.

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