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Gillian Jagger
Installation and Works on Paper and Acetate

Phyllis Kind Gallery is honored to present an exhibition of Gillian Jagger consisting of an installation titled Cull of three aluminum deer in the lower gallery. On the main street level, the gallery will house five large scale and portrait size works on paper with acetate collage. The exhibition will run from April 24 through May 29, 2004. The reception for the artist is Saturday, April 24th from 5–7pm.

— The Conversation, 2004 —
Gillian Jagger: The Conversation, 2004
mixed media on paper
48 X 127 1/2 inches

Cows: A Statement About These Drawings
I left England when I was 7. I had to leave my calf behind. Since that time cows have always been part of my life. I have rescued them and cared for them and come to know them deeply, personally. I have also come to know how in the last 50 years, commercial agriculture has turned cows into manufactured things. I look at slaughter house photos, and I feel an unstoppable rage. The cows in their terrible suffering are abandoned in a monumental blindness, a total disregard for them, a complete indifference.

Last July I came upon a reproduction of Albrecht Durer's "Head of a Stag." The little drawing showed a stag with an arrow through his head. The image haunted me, and I realized that Durer's subject was compassion. His compassion beat down my rage. I began to draw the cows, the cows I knew and the cows I thought about. — Gillian Jagger

Of her last New York show titled Absence of Faith, named after her horse which impaled herself in a freak winter accident, Holland Cotter of the New York Times said "The installation has the theatrical punch of the reenacted disaster, but also the elegiac gravity of a tribute of a loved one, infused with the complicated feeling usually reserved for human subjects. Ms. Jagger's subjects are fate and survival — of a kind almost no one is able or willing to risk doing these days.

Recently her work was seen at the Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003. A catalog The Art of Gillian Jagger includes an essay by Michael Brenson which closes with his observation, made well before the works in the current exhibition: "For Jagger, vulnerability and death are conditions of the real, and the ethical is the condition of the visionary."


Lower Gallery

— Cull, 2004 —
Gillian Jagger: Cull, 2004
3 aluminum deer
24 X 183 1/2 X 159 inches
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