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Gillian Jagger

"I believe that the way of perceiving that I have developed living in nature leads to a shared sense of wholeness, to a sense of in-commonness of our mutual interconnected survival." — G.J.

Her responses to found life begin with a visceral awareness of the urgency of its vulnerability or death and include a passionately attentive listening that has a visceral or meditative component. This listening to the other's call precludes self-absorption and narcissism, which dissolves defenses against one's own anxiety about vulnerability and death that help produce the mentality of compartmentalization. — Michael Brenson

Jagger's life and work was documented in Casting Faith, a one-hour documentary by Barbara Gordon and Richard Schlesinger.

Alice's Baby, 2004
Alice's Baby, 2004

Gillian Jagger

Gillian Jagger has recreated nature's themes of death and time in her sculptures since the 1950s. Working in an old dairy barn in Ulster County, New York, she uses found items from farm fields and rural woods to form patterns, textures, and visual rhythms.

Exhibits at PKG
· April 24 — May 29, 2004
· May 4 — July 29, 2002
· March 13 — April 24, 1999
· Feb. 7 — March 28, 1998

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NYTimes, June 21, 2002
Art in America, Nov. 2002


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