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Lucy Slivinski
Lucy Slivinski

"Every thing has a force. This life force is the common element that links my existence to nature and to society. It is my belief that a common thread links all things in life. This thread or chain, has many branches radiating out from a single core. In my work, each piece I create is not separate from the next. They are linked through thought, process, belief and experience." — L.S.

Her responses to found life begin with a visceral awareness of the urgency of its vulnerability or death and include a passionately attentive listening that has a visceral or meditative component. This listening to the other's call precludes self-absorption and narcissism, which dissolves defenses against one's own anxiety about vulnerability and death that help produce the mentality of compartmentalization.

Yellow Shadow, 2004
Yellow Shadow, 2004

Lucy Slivinski

Lucy Slivinski received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1984. Currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois, she transforms discarded materials into beautiful organic forms through techniques used in basketry, weaving and baling.

Exhibits at PKG
· Oct. 16 — Nov. 14, 2004

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