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Hiroyuki Doi

Hiroyuki Doi: Untitled, 2002 (Close-up)Phyllis Kind Gallery is honored to present the first American one-person exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroyuki Doi which will feature 30 small and large scale drawings on paper.

Born 1946 in Nagoya, Japan, Hiroyuki Doi has been working as an artist in Japan for the past thirty years. Since the death of his younger brother 20 years ago he has been working on pieces that express the transmigration of the soul, cosmos, and human cells using pen and ink on the Japanese papers called washi.

Now that we are living in the age of computerized society, I believe human work using human hands has to be emphasized more. That's one of my reasons, why I keep on working on my new works. By drawing, I started to feel relief, at some point I started to feel that something other then my self allowed me to draw these works. Suppose every creature is a circle, which exists in this world, how many of them can I draw? That is my life work and my challenge. I have to keep on working, otherwise nothing will be brought in to existence. By drawing circles I feel I am alive and existing in the cosmos. — Hiroyuki Doi


Lower Gallery: Art Brut

Including works by: Carlo, Henry Darger, Johann Hauser, Maritn Ramirez, Philipp Schöpke, Adolf Wölfli

Adolf Wolfli
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