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thru July 31st

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Works on Paper

Phyllis Kind Gallery is honored to present Eugene Gabritschewsky and Boris Koscheishvili. Gabritschewsky a successful Russian research scientist was born in Moscow in 1893 and died in Germany in 1979. Gabritschewsky was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early thirties and spent the later half of his life in a mental hospital in Haar, Germany. Jean Dubuffet, discovered Gabritschewsky in 1950 and eventually bought more then 70 of his paintings.

Boris Koscheishvili was born in Moscow in 1940. The works of Koscheishvili were first seen by Phyllis Kind in February 1986 when she visited the Soviet Union and saw the work of a number of unofficial artists including many who were making two sets of work — one as members of the state-controlled Artists Union and one which could never be exhibited in public.

Eugene Gabritschewsky: Untitled

Alison Saar:  Clean House, 1993

Lower Gallery: Group Exhibition

Including works by: Robert Colescott, Alison Saar, Carlo Zinelli, Albina Felski and Rev. J.S. Swearingen

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