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thru February 14th

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Phyllis Kind Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Domenico Zindato. On view are 8 large scale works (approximately 38" X 42"), exquisitely detailed patterned images on paper as well as 26 smaller works (approximately 8" X 5").

Pulsating with energy and an eclectic spirituality, Domenico Zindato's paintings on handmade paper achieve the visual equivalent of world music, drawing on Indian miniatures, Australian aboriginal bark painting, prehistoric rock art, and tribal textiles for imagery. Inks and watercolors layered over pastel grounds create a dazzling tour de force of hue and pattern. Dots, teardrops, leaves, lozenges, zigzags, and nets fill every inch. Both this horror vacui ("fear of empty space") and meticulous rendering identify a strong outsider sensibility.
Pamela Scheinman, Montclair State University, New Jersey

Domenico Zindato was born in southern Italy in 1966. After living in Berlin and Bombay, Zindato moved to Mexico City, where he has worked and resided since 1996.

Domenico Zindato is represented in Museum Charlotte Zander, Germany and The Outsider Archive at the Irish Contemporary Museum, Ireland as well as many private collections.

— Untitled, 2003 —
Domenico Zindato:  Untitled, 2003
Mixed Media on Paper
7 ½ X 5 ½ inches

— Small Purple Cows (11), n.d. —
Rev. J.S. Swearingen: Small Purple Cows
oil on canvas board
22 X 28 inches

Lower Gallery:
Rev. J.S. Swearingen

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