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Self-Taught Art
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Domenico Zindato

"Zindato makes brilliantly colored pastel-and-pen works that freely combine figures with repetitive abstraction.

For sheer joy, it's hard to beat Zindato's meticulously detailed drawings, which have recently leaped in size from rectangles of several inches to several feet. Zindato has managed the new scale beautifully, and it's now even easier to get lost in his work.

The large pieces take three months of six-to-eight hour days to complete. His work boogies all over the wall and invites you to come along."

— Outsider Art Fair 2004 — (N. F. Karlins)

Untitled, 2003 (detail)
Untitled, 2003 (detail)

Photo: Edward Gomez

Domenico Zindato was born in southern Italy in 1966. After living in Berlin and Bombay, Zindato moved to Mexico City, where he has worked and resided since 1996.



Exhibits at PKG
· Jan. 10 — Feb. 14, 2004
· Feb. 12 — Mar. 25, 2000

Recent Work
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New York Times Sunday,
February 20, 2000

March/April 2000


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