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Dan Keplinger, AKA “King Gimp”

"Every once in awhile a light shines on invisible people, and this light can be a song, a film, a painting. And for that moment, the invisible becomes a reality." — D.K.

Keplinger's life was documented in King Gimp — the 1999 Short Documentary Academy Award® winner by Susan Hadary and William Whiteford, written by Dan Keplinger. Dan had a show at the Phyllis Kind Gallery in 2000 to coincide with the debut of the film, shown exclusively on HBO. He has since had a second and a third solo show at the Phyllis Kind Gallery in 2002 and 2004.

The King's Miracle, a seven-minute film chronicling the extraordinary life transformation of Keplinger since the Oscars, aired February 28th on the Discovery Health Channel.

Untitled, 2003
Untitled, 2003

King Gimp

Dan Keplinger is an extraordinary artist, one who happens to have cerebral palsy. The 31 year-old painter is severely challenged in both his speech and body movements. Unable to communicate easily with words, Keplinger's emotions explode on to the canvas.



Exhibits at PKG
· Jan. 10 — Feb. 14, 2004
· Oct. 24 — Dec. 7, 2002
· May 25 — July 15, 2000

Recent Work
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