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Eugene Gabritschewsky

Gabritschewsky: Untitled, ndThe exhibition will feature over 50 works of Eugene Gabritschewsky, the first New York exhibition since 1965. Born in Moscow in 1893, Gabritschewsky studied the natural sciences at the University of Moscow. As a result of his achievements, he attracted interest from abroad, studying for a period under a scholarship at Columbia University.

He began to paint, producing works in an expressionist style. At the end of this period, he went on to France where, under the guidance of the Director of the Institut Pasteur, Gabritschewsky continued his experiments.

But in 1929 he fell seriously ill and was committed to the District Hospital of Haar, near Munich, where he was diagnosed as schizophrenic. Gabritschewsky thereafter devoted himself exclusively to his art. All of his paintings now assumed a fantastic aspect, often strongly marked by his scientific vocation. His gift as a painter has produced a unique body of work which gives moving testimony of a great personality.

Review: New York Times Art In Review March 8, 2002


Lower Gallery

On view will be works by Peter Charlie Besharo, Martin Ramirez, Adolf Wolfli, Domenico Zindato, Carlo Zinelli and others.

This show dovetails with the 10th Annual Outsider Art Fair, one of the premier showcases for the work of self-taught artists from the U.S. and abroad. "I'm excited to be showing at the tenth which marks a decade of the possibilities of seeing new discoveries and the chance to exhibit new finds my own." — Phyllis Kind

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